Adams, Inc Hot Candidates

The candidates listed below are just a few of top quality individuals offered through Adams, Inc.

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#CMMO144235 - Chief Credit Officer - Min. Salary $150,000
This Credit Executive has over 15 years in leadership roles including Chief Credit Officer in a $2 billion bank. He is an expert in providing vision and strategic guidance with regard to lending / credit, operations, and problem bank workouts. Experience in developing and implementing credit policies and procedures with loans averaging $1 - $6 million, with larger loans in the $35 - $40 million range. Would like an opportunity in the Midwest with a base salary of $150,000.
#ACCO217633 - Comptroller - Min. Salary $70,000
I have a dedicated candidate that is seeking a change in the southern Front Range of Colorado. He has been the Comptroller for a bank holding company for the past four years. In the bank, he was involved with the ALCO committee, Call Reports, Quarterly Reports, Board Reporting, ALLL, budgeting and general ledger accounts. He also handled a bank investment portfolio of $30 million. Our candidate also has experience with OREO properties. He has earned his CPA and is open to community banking as well as larger bank holding companies. He has ties to the southern part of the front range and would commute up to an hour. Would like an opportunity with a base salary of $70,000.
#ACMO111413 - Chief Financial Officer - Min. Salary $150,000
I have an experienced Chief Financial Officer that would like to relocate within two hours of Rockford, Illinois. His desire to do so is motivated for personal reasons, as his daughter and young grandchild live in Rockford. He started his career in Chicago at Arthur Andersen and Deloitte and Touche and earned his CPA. He moved into the banking world as a Controller in Chicago and in 2000 joined a $1.2 Billion bank in Missouri as their CFO. He has also been a CFO of a small community bank. Our candidate has spent the last couple of years consulting with banks that are positioning themselves to be sold. He has a true desire to return to Illinois, his daughter and many other family members. Would like an opportunity with a base salary of $150,000.
#CMMT82272 - Branch President - Min. Salary $120,000
Branch President / Commercial Lender with 8 years of management experience. This banker started their career as an FDIC examiner and has honed credit and lending skills ever since. Has completed Graduate School of Banking for Commercial Lending and Compliance as well as leadership training, team building and sales coaching. Currently has 9 direct reports at a $60 Million location. Would like an opportunity in AZ, CO, NM, MT, WY or TX with a base salary of $120,000.
#CMMO179099 - Market President - Min. Salary $125,000
Highly motivated leadership executive and commercial lender with a strong track record of successful sales, market and leadership development. Proven ability to lead teams and producers in a challenging, competitive, technological and changing marketplace. Consistently exhibits excellent communication abilities, relationship building skills and overall leadership talents. Would like an opportunity in MO, AR, OK, TX or CO with a base salary of $125,000.
#AGMO153107 - Agribusiness Lender - Min. Salary $120,000
This top producing Agribusiness Lender is open to bring his talents to your bank. Our candidate carries a $60 million portfolio and closed over $15 million in new business in 2016. Would like an opportunity in Kansas or Missouri with a base salary of $120,000.
#AGIN61404 - Market President - Min. Salary $100,000
Experienced professional finance officer with over 30 years in commercial banking services, agribusiness management and finance. Providing financial solutions to agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, professional service providers, and real estate industries. Successful in farm management, commodity marketing, business development, commercial lending, and banking center management. Would like an opportunity in Indiana with a base salary of $100,000.
#CMIA161587 - Credit Analyst - Min. Salary $80,000
There is no credit that is too large or small for this Credit Analyst. With six years of experience in banking they have a grasp on what is going on with the market and is able to stay ahead of the curve. They also have experience working with multiple platforms such as Laser Pro, OnBase, Phoenix and Sales Logic. Being so diverse means that this candidate is sure to impress in a short time frame. Would like an opportunity in Eastern Iowa with a base salary of $80,000.
#ACMT19984 - Chief Financial Officer - Min. Salary $195,000
This progressive CFO has successfully handled creation and implementation of all aspects of accounting, finance, IT, EFT, project planning and development for an institution with over $1 Billion in assets. Also took over a $500 million investment portfolio and tripled the yield. This candidate is a proven commodity who is looking for a bank that wishes to grow. Would be open geographically for the right opportunity with a base salary of $195,000.
#CMMI2486 - Regional President - Min. Salary $250,000
29 year experienced c-level banker who started his career with Comerica Bank and received his formal credit training through them. He went on to another regional bank group where he was heading up a $3.6 billion commercial lending division for a $6.8 billion bank group and had all the regional presidents reporting up to him. He helped the bank establish their USDA and SBA loan programs that he built from the ground up. Our candidate served on the leadership team and was responsible for the oversight and management of all sales functions for the bank. He was responsible for the planning, organizing and controlling the day to day operational activities of the bank group. He is very strong in the development and implementation of strategic planning. Most recently, his biggest accomplishment has been the following: When he got to his current bank, they did not do commercial lending as they were heavily involved in student loan lending. Our candidate hired a seasoned commercial lender and credit analyst and continued to build the department to 17 commercial loan officers, 6 credit analysts, a chief credit officer and a credit administrator to complete the team from ground up. They have already closed over $150 million commercial loans since 1/1/2016 and hope to finish the year at $250 million. Our candidate also hired a treasury management sales officer and is building that division now. His current bank is making between $6 - $8 million on premium gains a year. Would like an opportunity in MI, IL, IN, NE, SD, ND, WI or MN with a base salary of $250,000.
#CMIA10043 - President / CEO - Min. Salary $89,000
This candidate has been in many roles within the banking industry and is very well rounded. With over 10 years of experience in managing, he is able to lead a team and provide valuable industry knowledge of the current market. Would like an opportunity in Southeast Iowa with a base salary of $89,000.
#AGMN2099 - Head of Lending - Min. Salary $100,000
He has over 25 years of direct lending experience, the last 15 years working with his banks largest, most complex and most valued customers. Many of his clients had individual relationships in the $5 million to $15 million range and he had over $60 million in his own personal portfolio. Over these years he maintained an emphasis on agriculture but has consistently had non-ag related commercial accounts that he managed. During these years he was continuously recognized and promoted in his bank for his success in managing all ag accounts over $500,000 that were experiencing major financial difficulties. My client's additional responsibilities included 20+ years of managing people and departments. Would like an opportunity in Minnesota or Iowa with a base salary of $100,000.
#CMCO10539 - President / CEO / COO - Min. Salary $160,000
I am working with a President / CEO / COO who has spent over 30 years in commercial banking and has been an officer of banks that run from the largest U.S. banks to a de novo bank. This candidate's areas of expertise include general management, strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, regulatory relationships and credit administration. Most recently, this bank President helped a niche-oriented bank enhance their internal processes in credit administration, interest rate and risk liquidity which led to growth in the balance sheet while maintaining the highest regulatory ratings. Would like an opportunity in CO, IL, IA, MN, NE, IN or WI with a base salary of $160,000.
#CMMN6440 - Commercial Lender - Min. Salary $125,000
Almost 25 years experience in commercial lending, exceptionally strong at new business development, seeking a real opportunity to grow a large portfolio. Would like an opportunity in Minnesota with a base salary of $125,000.
#CMCO8248 - Commercial Lender - Min. Salary $85,000
Driven Commercial Loan Officer is seeking to return to the Detroit, Michigan area. He and his spouse would like to return to raise their children close to family. He has worked for larger Regional banks and one community bank. His last few years have been spent with one of the larger Regional banks and one community bank. His last few years have been spent with one of the larger banks in the country calling on companies from $25 million to $500 million in revenues. The credits have varied from Commercial and Industrial, Commercial Real Estate (owner occupied and investment property), asset based, technology and construction. He has a very strong formal credit training background as well as a strong producer. Spent his first 10 years in the Farmington Hills, Michigan market being trained in credit and then moving into a Relationship Manager role. The last 10 years has been spent calling throughout Denver. Would like an opportunity with a base salary of $85,000.
#CMWA208628 - Commercial Lender - Min. Salary $95,000
Very aggressive, high energy relationship manager. In 2015, brought over $10 million in loans and $5 million in deposits resulting in net new contribution to the bank of $300,000 plus. Has 15 years of experience in banking. This person is looking to return to the midwest region for family reasons and would like a base salary of $95,000.
#MKOK171301 - Investment & Mortgage - Min. Salary $160,000
Our client's background and work history has allowed him to wear many hats. At his current bank, he headed up the investment portfolios, mortgage side and oversaw the commercial lending side. He has also sat on the loan discount committee and loan production committee. This candidate is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. He has handled the marketing side of the bank as well. He is currently working with investments and has a lending authority for $10 million for any one entity. Would be open to relocation for the right opportunity with a base salary of $160,000.
CMIA19058 - Regional Retail Manager - Min. Salary $90,000 - Twenty-seven years of experience in retail banking both with regional and community bank groups. This individual has proven results with progressive responsibilities that include: ALCO, strategic planning and budgeting. Also responsible for: Mortgage, Consumer and Insurance Sales. He holds his Investment licenses: 24, 7, 63 and 65. Would like an opportunity in IA, WI, MN, IL, IN or SD with a base salary of $90,000.
#ACCA216616 - Compliance Consultant - Min. Salary $130,000
Very strong background in BSA / Compliance AML and OFAC experience. Is open geographically for the right position with a base salary of $130,000.
#ACNC178948 - Chief Financial Officer - Min. Salary $145,000
My candidate is a highly motivated individual with 18 years of credit union experience, 11 of which has been in a CFO role. Credit union size varies from $750 million to $2.3 billion. Has a proven track record of helping to stabilize and keep sound financial institutions in tumultuous areas of the country. Would like an opportunity in NC, SC, KS, IN, TX, or CA with a base salary of $145,000.
#MKTX135668 - Marketing Officer - Min. Salary $110,000
I am working with a Senior VP of Marketing with a $1 Billion bank group who is actively searching for his next step. As department head, he led teams of marketing professionals to execute and monitor all marketing activities. Developed strategic marketing plans and budgets in support of the corporate strategy. Managed the implementation of digital marketing efforts to include social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, and online and mobile advertising. Coordinated the production of TV commercials, radio spots, billboards and print ads. Analyzed campaign results and measured ROI. Profiled customers through customer surveys, third-party databases and marketing analytics in order to create targeted sales and marketing campaigns. Recent accomplishments include: Responsible for managing a marketing department that was instrumental in growing the company from $690 million in assets to over $1 billion in a four-year span. Established an internal process for developing in-house advertising campaigns resulting in an annual vendor expense reduction of $100,000. Conducted extensive product and competitor analysis to develop new products. Introduced new retail and business checking accounts that generated an additional $325,000 in annual revenue. Implemented a process for expanding into new markets by incorporating mapping software and data to analyze demographics, consumer spending, businesses and competitors. Would like an opportunity in TX, CO, UT or MT with a base salary of $110,000.
#CMOR209598 - Risk Manager - Min. Salary $175,000
Strategically focused credit, risk, finance and operations manager with experience in originating, servicing, evaluating and managing consumer and commercial risk across numerous business platforms. Successful track record of both growing domestic and international operations, liquidating business segments and maintaining strong portfolio performance while meeting or exceeding targeted economic requirements. Always maintains a high standard of integrity, productivity, and attention to detail. In addition to excellent analytical and organizational skills, known for a collaborative communication style leading to strong internal and external partnerships. Would like an opportunity in OR, WI, PA, IN, MN or MO with a base salary of $175,000.
#CMGA196948 - Chief Credit Officer - Min. Salary $125,000
My candidate is a highly motivated bank executive with close to 30 years of community lending and credit experience. He's focused primarily on commercial banking, with a healthy mix of C&I and CRE credits. For the past 15 years, he's focused on leading the credit and lending function for a $400 million community bank holding company. Would like an opportunity in GA, FL, AL, TN, MI, IN, NE, KS, TX or CO with a base salary of $125,000.
#CMKS201559 - Commercial Loan Manager - Min. Salary $150,000
Strong producer seeking a change to the Phoenix, AZ market. This individual is a home owner in Phoenix with family ties. They would like to live there permanently. Although they currently manage a team of lenders, they would consider a line lender position. Great producer that carries over $100 million portfolio with a mix of commercial loans. Commercial Real Estate, C and I, Healthcare and Aircraft loans are all in the portfolio. Largest credit is $40 million with the majority at $5 million and above. Business development, strategic planning, joint calling efforts and mentoring are all part of this individual. Would like an opportunity in Phoenix, AZ with a base salary of $150,000.
#CMMN164521 - Chief Risk Officer - Min. Salary $165,000
30 years bank risk management experience in all sizes of banks and credit unions dealing with building financial institution risk management in internal audit, loan review, operational efficiency, and enterprise risk. This is a great Chief Risk Officer candidate. Would like an opportunity in the Minneapolis metro area with a base salary of $165,000.
#REOH222143 - Director of Retail - Min. Salary $170,000
Dynamic, financial services executive with over 20 years of experience and history of achieving top tier results in National, Super Regional, and Small-Mid Banks in Director, Divisional, and District levels of management. Proactive business leader with proven ability to provide strategic leadership and vision, motivate / coach multiple levels of direct reports, build strong business relationships across functions, and enhance company profile by generating support for philanthropic initiatives. Sound judgement and risk mitigation underwriting consumer & commercial credits. Improve Commercial and Retail Bank Division performance through strategy, sales and process initiatives. Would like an opportunity in MO, KY, IL, IN, OH or TX with a base salary of $170,000.
#CMCA139580 - Asset Review Specialist - Min. Salary $95,000
An individual who has extensive experience analyzing SBA, C&I and Commercial Real Estate loans as an underwriter / analyst and loan review officer. As a Credit Analysis Manager, he was responsible for improvements to inadequate credit memos at an agency of a foreign bank that resulted in the lifting of regulatory action. He was part of a loan review team that provided vital input that helped new management turn around a multi billion dollar bank. Would like an opportunity in California with a base salary of $95,000.
#CMMN3691 - Risk Manager / Credit and Examination - Min. Salary $150,000
25 years experience as examiner, loan review, audit, credit, and risk assessment dealing with both commercial and ag loans. Looking for a smaller regional bank of less than $5 billion in assets. Would like an opportunity in Minnesota with a base salary of $150,000.
#CMMN160221 - Business Banking Manager - Min. Salary $145,000
Under 10 years of industry experience. Currently manages 10 commercial lenders in a several hundred million dollar department. Looking to move into a community bank or regional bank with a track to a senior leadership role. Would like an opportunity in Minnesota or surrounding areas with a base salary of $145,000.
#CMMN9343 - Chief Credit Officer - Min. Salary $250,000
30 years experience in all types of credit including ag in banks of $1 billion to super regional sized. Is open geographically for the right opportunity with a base salary of $250,000.
#RENE199769 - Strategic Planner - Min. Salary $140,000
We are currently working with an individual who possesses a unique blend of skills and experience. He has over 25 years of diverse experience in Banking, Credit Unions and Payments. Proficient in strategic planning, business plan execution, management, business development, conversions, Visa and Mastercard, enabling bank technologies, business process improvement, and risk management. He is passionate with a collaborative management style while working to provide measurable impact with meaningful results. He is creative and best at solving problems and delivering on promises. Would like an opportunity in Omaha or the Midwest area with a base salary of $140,000.
#MKIN152065 - Marketing Director - Min. Salary $100,000
I am working with an accomplished marketing, communications and public relations professional who has achieved proven results in multiple industries, including finance / banking, software, automotive, insurance, manufacturing and biotechnical / agriculture. He has 25 years of marketing experience, having developed strategic marketing plans to build brand equity, created tactical marketing programs with focused and measurable results. This candidate is an experienced investor and media / public relations director that possesses a relentless drive to achieve goals and develop creative ideas. Proven team leader, critical motivator and effective manager. He has also prepared position, segmentation, and branding for diverse audiences. He is highly motivated and committed to growth and learning. Our candidate is currently located in Indiana but is open to relocate anywhere in the Midwest with a base salary of $100,000.
#CMOR63295 - Credit Administrator - Min. Salary $145,000
Experienced and accomplished Senior Credit Executive with over 30 years of progressively advanced roles across multiple industries and lines of business. Career has shown adaptation and flexibility with success experienced at all levels. Strong history of collaboration with both internal and external customers resulting in improved performance of assigned work area. High work ethic and integrity resulting in strong relationships forged with peers, subordinates, and clients. Our candidate is an excellent verbal and written communicator. Experience in all phases of risk management, review and portfolio monitoring. Excellent at balancing shareholder and borrower interests. Would like an opportunity in MT, ID, CA, OR or WA with a base salary of $145,000.
#CMCO217726 - Credit Administrator - Min. Salary $105,000
This candidate has come highly recommended to me as someone with the highest work ethic and professionalism in dealing with customers. In his last position, he was the Portfolio Manager for an $81 million portfolio of mainly Commercial Real Estate credits. He has the ability to think out of the box and the keen sense to know how to structure a credit. He has worked with small credits to multi-million dollar credits. His job responsibilities have included Credit Administration, Special Assets, and portfolio management. He is currently residing in Denver but would also look at Chicago or a metro with a major airport with a base salary of $105,000.
#CMCA217765 - Commercial Lender - Min. Salary $75,000
Our candidate has 25 years of experience which has resulted in a strong understanding of the banking industry. Their skill set is extensive and well balanced with a background as a Business Relationship Manager, Commercial Loan Officer and Branch Manager as well as training in Credit Underwriting and Bank Compliance which makes them a valuable asset to any company. Most recently, as Branch Manager for a major bank, he was responsible for developing new business as well as expanding existing business relationships by increasing loan and deposit balances, generating revenue income. He also generated Small Business and Commercial Loans. During his tenure with that bank, our candidate received quarterly awards for a top performing branch the last 8 years. Would like an opportunity in Chicago, IL, Modesto, CA, Tracy, CA or Stockton, CA with a base salary of $75,000.
#CMMO222781 - Treasury Management Officer - Min. Salary $110,000
30+ years of banking experience providing operational and administrative insight in banking operations, treasury services and financial payments. Led teams for product and service development, treasury management sales and operations, retail training, internal and external customer support, electronic banking, fraud prevention, and security for $1.4 billion bank. Strong ability to mentor, develop, and organize a solid work force, coupled with effective communication skills and a success oriented philosophy! Would like an opportunity in the St. Louis, MO area with a base salary of $110,000.
#TRMN221881 - Series 7 Broker - Min. Salary $50,000
Our candidate spent the first five years of his career at Edward Jones where he was responsible for sales of securities, bank products, and insurance. He leads marketing and prospecting efforts at his current branch in order to acquire new assets and clientele. Responsible for financial planning, advisory services, estate planning, and retirement planning for clients. Monitored financial markets and completed financial and portfolio reviews. Set goals for the branch as well as developed and executed business plans. He brought in $50 million and was in the top 25% in his region for his production. Would like an opportunity in Minnesota with a base salary of $50,000.
#CMMN215316 - Senior Credit Officer - Min. Salary $125,000
My candidate has over 25 years of banking experience! He has held several titles within a bank while always progressing in his career. He has very strong Ag and Commercial credit skills and was Market President for a community bank for 14 years! He has managed portfolios on his own up to $50 million. Would like an opportunity in Minnesota with a base salary of $125,000.
#ACMN151461 - Legal, Compliance and Risk Officer - Min. Salary $110,000
Accomplished bank executive and bank legal counsel with a unique blend of education and expertise in the areas of law, banking, finance, real estate, business, management, operations, business development, human resources, employee benefits, and government. Skilled at interacting effectively with all levels of organizational management, organizational staff, and governmental agencies. Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities; adept at establishing meaningful internal and external relationships. Experienced not only in leadership duties, but also experienced in working collaboratively as an effective member on project or operations teams. Skill set includes executive management, financial management and legal management functions. Would like an opportunity in MN, WI, IA or ND with a base salary of $110,000.
#CMTN221928 - Treasury Management - Min. Salary $100,000
Skilled at developing effective working relationships with customers to create an environment of trust and commitment while driving profitability increase and outstanding results. Adept at leading staff to ensure proper execution of solutions, while focusing on accountability and ownership of positive outcomes. Has worked in regional and community size banks. Would like an opportunity in TN, IL, IN or MI with a base salary of $100,000.
#AGIA208542 - Agricultural Lender - Min. Salary $90,000
This candidate is an Agricultural Lender that really knows the market. One that prides themselves on being face to face with their customers and enjoys doing so. They also have experience working with compliance and real estate banking him well rounded in the industry. Would like an opportunity in Eastern Iowa with a base salary of $90,000.
#ACIA171936 - Compliance Officer - Min. Salary $75,000.
This candidate is a Compliance Officer that is extremely well rounded. They have trained lenders to become successful as well as carried their own portfolio previously. This candidate has completed Compliance School along with receiving a Collections Certification. They have excellent customer service skills as well as previous experience running a branch. Would like an opportunity in Eastern Iowa with a base salary of $75,000.
#ACTX223237 - BSA / AML Officer - Min. Salary $79,000.
Working with an individual with over 10 years of banking experience that is proficient in the area of BSA / AML and has supervised up to 10 direct reports. Policy and procedure writing. Understands HUMDA, Trid, commercial, ag, audit, etc. Would really like to maximize all risk and controls, mitigation, audit, compliance and fraud experience to get a role where they would work with management to minimize risk for an organization. Would like an opportunity in Nebraska or Kansas with a base salary of $79,000.
#CMKS223019 - Treasury Management Sales - Min. Salary $125,000
Highly motivated treasury sales professional who takes a consultative approach to relationship management. Works with CFO's, Treasurers and Controllers from companies with annual revenues over $1 billion in sales. High energy teammate involved in all areas of corporate banking, relationship building, and marketing. Known for outside the box thinking when delivering solutions for clients, prospects, and internal partners. Well versed in today's corporate payment and receipt landscape. Would like an opportunity in the Kansas City area with a base salary of $125,000.
#CMTX218349 - Credit Analyst - Min. Salary $65,000
Close to five years of banking experience and has spent the past year working as a Credit Analyst. Duties include: Analyze requests for credits ranging from $100,000 up to $6 million for new and existing accounts. Financial Modeling & Forecasting of portfolio companies and potential new ventures. Order appraisals, flood and EDR reports as well has handle site visits and inspections to commercial properties. Would like an opportunity in Dallas, TX, OK or MO with a base salary of $65,000.
#CMMN157033 - Senior Commercial Lender - Min. Salary $120,000
Over 15 years of experience as an exceptional commercial lender. Formal credit training. Open to the right opportunity geographically with a base salary of $120,000.
#CMMN164926 - Senior Credit Analyst - Min. Salary $101,000
Just under 20 years experience in commercial and consumer credit underwriting of all types, other than Ag. Exceptionally good with complex credit types. Would like an opportunity in the greater Minneapolis area with a base salary of $101,000.
#CMMN138027 - Commercial Department Manager - Min. Salary $90,000
Over 25 years experience in Minnesota in commercial lending, successfully growing the portfolio of the bank as a lender and as a Manager of Commercial Lending. Seeking an opportunity that is closer to home. Would like an opportunity in Northwest Minneapolis with a base salary of $90,000.
#CMCA223525 - Commercial Lender - Min. Salary $65,000
My client is currently working for a $4.5 billion in assets bank in the Greater Sacramento area. Has a degree from a prominent University. Has been a business banker for 6 plus years, as well as a retail banker and Branch Manager. Has had a successful career in banking for 9 years in all. Excels in Commercial Real Estate, C&I, and SBA Lending. They are passionate about helping clients find the right products and business banking solutions. Currently seeking a role as either a Business Banker or a Credit Analyst also in the Greater Sacramento area. Would like to work closely with a credit team to sharpen skills with their end goal being to become a Relationship Manager. Would like an opportunity with a base salary of $65,000.
#CMCA220758 - Underwriter - Min. Salary $105,000
Responsible for credit underwriting and business / financial due diligence for commercial loan applications. Loan types include commercial real estate loans, C&I lines of credit and term loans, agricultural lines of credit, real estate / construction loans. Responsible for tax return, income statement, balance sheet, and other financial / business analysis. Analyzed and recommended loan structure with a focus on debt service coverage analysis and collateral coverage analysis. Would like an opportunity in Roseville, Sacramento or Davis, CA areas with a base salary of $105,000.
#CMND178291 - Senior Lender - Min. Salary $125,000
Senior banking executive with a demonstrated 30 years of success in building and leading progressively effective sales and lending operations, with an emphasis on commercial activity. Proven strength in developing LPOS and creating strong commercial departments. Year to date they have $20 million in middle market and commercial loans to close in their market. Expertise in finding, developing, and mentoring talent that builds a deep roster of highly successful professionals. Demonstrate creativity and insight necessary to drive revenue growth through networking, personal sales efforts, improved processes, implementation of advanced tools/metrics, and organizational management. Would like an opportunity in ND, SD, MN or WI with a base salary of $125,000.
#CMIA75018 - Commercial / Ag Lender - Min. Salary $100,000
Proven, accomplished Senior Lender seeking opportunities within 30 miles of Waterloo, IA. With close to twenty-five years of experience, he has successfully trained and mentored junior lenders and the credit analyst for the bank. Additionally, he carries a $30 million plus loan portfolio consisting of Commercial and Ag accounts. This individual is seeking a Market President or Senior Lending role. Would like an opportunity in Northeast Iowa with a base salary of $100,000.
#CMIA171346 - President - Min. Salary $135,000
10 years in banking and currently the President of his community bank in Iowa. With a $19 million portfolio that consists of Commercial relationships and $7 million in Ag relationships. He knows how to drive the team to focus on bringing in business and retaining it. Currently down by the Quad Cities, this candidate is looking to move north of the Iowa market. They vacation in Minnesota and Wisconsin consistently throughout the year and due to breathing issues for his wife they have their sights on getting into the cooler environment. The ideal bank would be community focused in a suburb or outside of a direct metro area. They have a son in junior high and they want to get him established in the school and sports before he is fully in his high school career. Would like an opportunity in MT, ND, SD, MN or WI with a base salary of $135,000.
#REOH187015 - Regional Branch Manager - Min. Salary $80,000
Consistent Regional Branch Manager with 9 years of management experience at a multi-billion dollar commercial bank. He has overseen multiple branches over the past 5 years. This candidate has a diverse lending background in mortgage, direct consumer and indirect lending. He spearheaded the sales initiative for the banks' mortgage portfolio and filled in as Head of Mortgage Origination for an interim period of time in 2013. Would like an opportunity in the Midwest with a base salary of $80,000.
#CMOK179123 - Commercial / Ag Lender - Min. Salary $110,000
Our candidate has over 25 years of lending in the Commercial and Ag sectors. His ag background is Dairy, Poultry, Cattle, Equipment, Farm Construction and Row Crop. Proficient with all size ag loans and comfortable with commercial loans. He has his MBA. He is open to move anywhere in the Midwest with a base salary of $110,000.
#AGIA162967 - Loan Workout / Ag Lender - Min. Salary $120,000
With almost 15 years in banking they have spent the last 5 years in lending and special assets for a large institution. Managing up to 10 reports and working on credits that are 75% Ag loans covering Poultry, Swine, Dairy, Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat and 25% of Commercial Owner Occupied and Commercial Real Estate and Investor with credits from $750,000 - $1 million and highest being $3 million. With significant success in minimizing loss and revising and implementing procedures to cure loans while adhering to credit policy. Would like an opportunity in the midwest with a base salary of $120,000.
#ACIL222587 - Finance Executive - Min. Salary $240,000
With 20+ years in the financial field this candidate's career has progressed through increasing levels of financial responsibility and experience to the level of a seasoned financial executive with extensive finance, accounting and operational experience. This CPA who has been an investment banker, a CFO, an entrepreneur and a bank executive. They know how to navigate a multitude of situations as appropriate, but thrive in a data centric, fast paced environment. Currently, working with acquisitions and transitions of banks in asset sizes of $1 billion plus. Is open geographically for the right position with a base salary of $240,000.
#CMIA218718 - Senior Lender - Min. Salary $110,000
This candidate has around 25 years of experience and has only worked for two banks during that time. Currently, he carries a portfolio that is over $50 million consisting of both commercial and commercial real estate lines of credit, and has worked with ag credits earlier in his career. This individual has proven new business skills with excellent leadership abilities. He is open to a variety of roles that allow career advancement: Senior Lender, President or a CEO for a smaller community bank. His geographic preference is Central Iowa going into North East Iowa with a base salary of $110,000.
#CMIA204530 - Commercial Lender - Min. Salary $130,000
Twenty plus years of commercial lending experience in the Des Moines market. Carries a $50 plus million loan portfolio and targets commercial real estate clients with credits in the $2 to $10 million range. Currently seeking a lending position in the Des Moines metro market with a base salary of $130,000.
#TRMI203967 - Head of Trust - Min. Salary $90,000
26 years of trust experience including new business, relationship officer and management responsibilities. 20 years managing entities which ranged from approximately $1 billion down to about $300 million. Experience also includes opening offices in new markets, building client assets, staff and assets under management. He is open geographically for the right position with a base salary of $90,000.
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